Few people are blessed with the commitment and strength of a Mother Teresa, or the wisdom and charisma of an Archbishop Desmond Tutu – but we aren’t here to wait to do great things but rather to continually do lesser things. The significance of our service isn’t something that we need to worry about- but the consequence of our service is.

Stewardship means joyfully giving, not thinking about the impact on us, but rather on its impact upon others. It means making a decision to share our time, talent, and money; it means sharing our compassion and love; it means offering our prayers and meditation, it means using the blessings that we have been given.

In today’s world it is easy to get overwhelmed by the seemingly endless needs of the people around us and around the world. It’s almost a spiritual overload to think about what it would take to satisfy that need in God’s eyes. Our response to the discrepancy between our overabundance of privilege and another person’s poverty should be to live in the awareness that all that we have is not our own – it is God’s. We have the choice to live sacrificially in gratitude and continuous service. We have the opportunity to continually do lesser things that benefit someone else.

Please think about the opportunities for service and plan to get involved. There is something here for everyone in every stage of life.

St Paul’s is a living body that has a ministry for all, and it has a place in our community. As part of this body, each of us draws from it for our own lives. And like any body, each part needs to work in concert together in order for the body to thrive. Please think about your baptismal promise and our belief that with God’s help all good things are possible. Then think about all the small ways that we can make a big difference and respond…